Products - Worsted

Since our inception we have been suppliers of the major garment designers and manufacturers, as well as tailors, for men and women, in Mexico and around the world with luxurious worsted wool fabrics in pure wool and various blends that range from classic designs to the latest cutting-edge fashion. Whether for suits, sport coats, dresses, or pants, you can choose from plain, serge, gabardine, tricotine, crepe, or any other weave. We can supply what you need for your collection from a wide variety of items, weights, colors, and designs.

In pure wool:
  • TROPILANA in plain weave.
  • HIDALGO in twill.
  • PECK & BENSON, 60's LINE & 70's LINE, our Super 100's.
In polyester / wool blend:
  • BLENDY in plain weave.
  • TOP in twill.

Other items: Whether Syrofil, Semiworsted, Sedalana, Tuxedo, or Polylino, we have a wide range of innovative specialties that evolve to meet the actual fashion trends or to meet specific customer needs.