Products - Institutional

From our experience and intimate knowledge of customer requirements, SANTIAGO has been characterized as a recognized provider to the leading manufacturers of uniforms in Mexico and abroad. Thus, depending on whether the use is for a school yard, on board an airplane, or in an office of a large bank, our 100% wool or poly / wool fabrics will provide comfort, good looks, and the durability that employees of any institution require. Our design department can work with you to develop the fabric that best suits the needs of design and colors.

As you know, the "keys to success" in the business of the uniforms are:
  • Durability, quality, and easy maintenance of the garment.
  • Originality of design and sensitivity to the needs of client's image.
  • Consistency in design and color reproduction every time.
  • Quick supply.
… and we will support you with this and more, so you can meet your customer's needs.