The company today

SANTIAGO is a vertically integrated company, from the manufacturing of yarns to the weaving and finishing of fabrics. Using the best raw materials, we produce a wide range of worsted, woolen, billiard, upholstery, and casino cloths, as well as blankets and throws, with the best design, quality, and price. Our factory includes the latest in textile machinery and equipment, allowing you to achieve the standards of quality and productivity as set by the best textile companies around the world.

With over one hundred years since our founding, SANTIAGO proudly offers its products to the most demanding international markets, always with the traditional service that only a century-old company can offer.

We are aware of the effort required for the company to continue the success that has characterized us, so we continue with our technological modernization project, as well as with investment in computer systems and an ongoing training of our staff. Only then, and bearing in mind the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders, we can maintain the prestige that the SANTIAGO brand has throughout the world.